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My music has been featured on over 500 compilations globally so this list will most probably never become totally complete but its updated continuously!


The Poker Flat B Sides Chapter Two (The Best Of)

The Poker Flat B Sides (Catalogue No1-25)

The Poker Flat A Sides Chapter Two (The Best Of)

The Poker Flat A Sides (Catalogue No1-25)

The Dub Club Night

The Best Of LP Vol 2

The Best Of LP Vol 1

The Best Of LP Vol 3

The Best Of LP Vol 4

The Best Of LP Vol 5

The Best Of The Ninja Vol 7

Terry Lee Brown Junior – Selected Remixes Part 3

TechHouse Series Vol 8

Techhouse Experience Vol 1

Tech House Essentials Volume 9

Tanzwiese Vol 1

Tanzwiese 002

Structure Minimale – Two

Still Grooves Run Deep I

Soundzsystem Vol 1

Soundz Vol 2 (Loosely Blended By The Soundz)

Sound Shifting 2.0

Sound Shifting 2.0

Screaming Electro House Vol 2

Play. Plastic City

Plastic City Shape

Plastic City Play

Phuture Disko Vol 4 (Electronic & Discofied)

Pedal One

Paradise Office

One Night In Ibiza

Obsidian Compilation

Next Essence In The Mix

Next Essence – Labelcompilation Vol 1

New Faces Of Techno Vol 1

Modern House Guide R

Modern House Guide I-J

Minimal Addiction Vol. 7 (Minimal House & Minimal Techno Traxx)

Minimal = Maximal Vol 8

100% DUB Vol 2

30 Minimal Tech House Vol 11

360 Degree Tech House

After Work House Volume 3 – 25 Deep House Tracks For A Relaxing Evening

Airport II Airport 2 STR FCO – collected by CASSEOPAYA

Amsterdam Tech House Vol 1

Automatic Music – Electronic Flashback Vol 2

Balearic Tech House Tales 4

Beyond Minimalism Vol 7

Bora Bora (Black White Beach)

Buddha Room Vol 5 – The Bar Lounge Edition

Budenzauber pres Deep Underground Vol 7

Budenzauber pres Karate Lesson 08

From The Remix Vault 1

Transitions Volume 4 – John Digweed

Voltaik 4.0


Sound Impressions Vol 1

Tanzwiese 007

Tech House Favourite Tunes Vol 1

Soar Forth Volume 5

Budenzauber pres Deep Underground Vol 20

Tech House My Ultimate Beats (Vol 3)

Tech House Club Session Vol 1 (100% Tech & Progressive Electronic Essentials)

Tech House Technology Vol 1 (Innovation Novation Tech & House Experimentals)

Analog Tapes 14 (Minimal Tech House Experience)

Behind The Curtain Vol 07

Progressive Hardhouse & Tech House Vol 1 (Best In Daft Dirty & Melodic Electronicas)

The Beauty Of Tech House (Gorgeous Techno & Minimal House Diamonds)

Underground Identities Vol 9

Progressive Tech House Invasion (The Silver Edition)

Minimale Klangtherapie Vol 3

Tech House The Club Session Volume 1 (Ultimate Pounders Of Minimal Tech & House Club Workers)

Cyborg Techno Vol 1 (Science Fiction House & Planet Techno Punk)

Tech House Anthems 2012 (Minimal & Progressive Techno Clubbers)

Tech House My Ultimate Beats Vol 2

High Definition 4 Years Sampler

Fragments 10

Ibiza Tech House 2012 (Balearic Electronicas Of Techno Electro Minimals)

Budenzauber pres Deep Underground, Vol. 19

Techno Electronica Volumen One (Ibiza Club Guide Of House & Techno & Minimal Tracks)

Tech House My Ultimate Beats Vol 1

Giants, Vol 1

Underground Club Anthems 2012 Volume 2

Annihilating Rhythms Vol 11

Minimal = Maximal Vol 13

DJ Favourites Tech House Greatest

Mix – Remix

Minimal Techno Stories Vol 15

Underground Tokyo Vol 6 Techno

Soundz Vol 4 (compiled by The Soundz)

Future Tech House Classics Vol 6

100% Tech House The World Is Mine (Analogue Journey Into Techno Electro Minimalistix)

La Maison Minimal Vol 1 Finest Minimal Tunes

Minimal Puzzlebox Vol 1 – A Selection Of Minimal Electro Music

Unique Vol 4 (Selected Sounds From The Underground)

Future Tech House Classics Vol 4

Djuma Soundsystem Presents The 3rd Dimension Of SOUNDZ

Amsterdam Tech House Vol 2

Techno & House & More

Deep Down In Berlin 6 Independent German Electronic Music Sampler

Tanzwiese 004

Structure Minimale Six

Not Seen On TV! A Deep Electronic Music Adventure

Electronic World Series 10 (France V2)

From The Past To The Future

Wiggle Classics Vol 1

Kung Fu Dub Stylin Vol 3 Mixed By Jeff Bennett

Kung Fu Dub Stylin Vol 4 Mixed By Jeff Bennett

The Sounds Of The Ego Volume 12

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